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Links of Interest:

Nevada Department of Wildlife - NDOW website for meetings & agendas

Historical Novels by Dale Wooley

  • The Dameles and the American curly horse: A story about a family of early settlers of Nevada and the breeding of a horse with curly hair.
  • THE WALTIS and OTHER EARLY SETTLERS of Eureka and Lander County, Nevada

State of Nevada

Nevada Division of Water Resources

USGS Water Watch

Eureka, Nevada Weather

The Gardner Files an extensive compilation of articles and documents with the theme "They Drove Us from the Land."  The latter half of the website is not finished and remains an outline, but this represents a formidable resource. - blog by a Eurekan concerning mining and ranching

Raine's Market - Eureka Nevada Grocery Store and Wildlife Museum

According to experts, there is a solution to the wildfire problem.  Here is some interesting support material: 

"Wildfires in Nevada are out of control.  Before 1980 there were less than 25,000 acres burned in Nevada wildfires each year.  Now over 600,000 acres are burning in Nevada wildfires each year, an astonishing 24-fold increase since 1980. As a result millions of rabbits, deer, birds and other animals are burning.  By acting together we can stop this great tragedy which has been brought about by poor federal management of our lands."

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Wildlife History of Northern Nevada - From Scarcity to Abundance and now Decline.Pdf 

Smoked Bear Radio Spot 1.mp3

Contact:  Smoked Bear, LLC, P.O. Box 10, Elko, NV. 89803

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